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Perfect Waves

The Back Story

Bluewater DEWAX.IT is the go to surf product for any surfer or snowboarder that wants to keep their board in pristine condition.  After years of surfing the swells of  Australia, Indonesia , Europe and many a break off the beaten track, wax removal was always an issue, a time consuming one that needed to be addressed.  Sticky residue is always a problem when it comes to the removal of old surf , Ski & Snowboard wax, now with Bluewater, it's easy.   This is an awesome product, wiping away dirty grime with ease and only after a few strokes to get a clean resin base. Even embedded wax in dings and dents are an easy task.   

Refresh your stye, Bluewater :-)

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A fewWords

" I love the fact that I am able to work within an industry that I absolutely love, It's not even work, It's a passion. 

Bluewater is environmentally friendly, we need to look after our planet, it gives us soo much joy. 


Please help us spread the word."

Marcus Jones 


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